Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Full Circle

     Nature. From the beginning, humanity has relied upon nature for it's sustenance. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, humanity has denied the environment the rights it has had before humans existed. To maintain natural equilibrium, our world's climate will act in ways some people consider unnatural. Remember, the environment will do whatever it can to maintain eqilibrium whether humans exist or not.
     Today, the peoples of the world are beginning to realize that the very practices humans had when they were in equilibrium with nature is once again necessary. The global civilization humans have created is going full circle by embracing nature and adopting sustainable practices.Terra Plancha is a marvelous invention by the ancient Amazonian civilizations to aid them to survive in environments
where the soil is poor for agriculture. To this day, scientists cannot fathom how artificial soil as rich as Terra plancha was created. That old practice scientists are trying to discover will lead to the rebirth of a dying Amazon Forest. As subsistence farmers stop burning it down for more land to farm, they will be able to settle in one place and utilize that necessary agricultural tool.

Today, scientists are trying to recreate a revolutionary agricultural practice that will once again equip farmers to farm in sustainable ways where the equilibrium, that is so necessary between nature and humans, will be maintained. Not only will Brazilian farmers utilize previously unusable farmland, but so many desperate countries around the world can utilize the art of making and distributing Terra Plancha over infertile ground.
     In terms of architecture and other forms of engineering, practices are being adopted that copies the already successful ways of nature.
To the left is the famous Baha'i Temple in Santiago, Chile. It has won many awards for its revolutionary design and has been labeled the "Temple of Light." This magnificent building that is under construction incorporates many aspects from nature. The natural beauty and the design of this building is phenomenal. The location of this temple will be in the mountains providing a meditational atmosphere for the temple itself and the gardens that surround it. The power and influence that such a building will have on the people who visit it will be far greater than most of the myriad of sacred spots around the world.

     Last, governments are starting to plan and build "green" buildings that will not only save money and resources, but it will maintain the important balance between innovation and nature. Humanity is entering uncharted waters as it will enter an increasingly warmer world, as the overall trend shows. Despite the flux of extreme weather with floods, droughts, heat waves, and cold spells; it should be remembered that this living Earth is only trying to maintain equilibrium. Humanity has invented many new things and we now posses the technology to literally change the world- an ability that no generation before this one can rival.
     On question remains. Are we ending our journey on this planet, or are we starting a new one that permeates with a new spirit? That  question remains to be answered by the people that live on this planet- one decision at a time.

Ages have past and your precious lives are will-nigh ended, yet not a single breath of purity hath reached Our court of holiness from you. Though immersed in the ocean of misbelief, yet with your lips ye profess the one true faith of God. Him whom I abhor ye have loved, and of My foe ye have made a friend. Notwithstanding, ye walk on My earth complacent and self-satisfied, heedless that My earth is weary of you and everything within it shunneth you. Were ye but to open your eyes, ye would, in truth, prefer a myriad griefs unto this joy, and would count death itself better than this life. 


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Future of Farming: building infrastructure at the grass-roots

Building infrastructure at the grass-roots is very important for the future of society as a whole. A strong tree always has strong roots.

The goal of this post is to inform everyone about the need for a formation of a well-ordered system in which every community has its own resources and a sustainable infrastructure.

Now, it must be known that communities of all sizes (whether it be local or global) relies on the necessary resources such as food, water, shelter, and energy. Energy can be in the form of human power, animal power, or electricity. To be plain, if every home and every building is equipped with self-sustaining technologies such as energy producers (solar panels or wind turbines), water collectors, and crops; then so much problems are solved.

The farmers must traverse vast expanses of land to acquire their crops from their fields. Trucks and and more energy are commissioned to ensure that food gets to people that could be on the other side of the planet. So much money is wasted to acquire the food.

Likewise, energy is a costly process of mining/acquiring/ drilling, transporting, and burning the fuel. What's worse is that most of that energy created is lost as heat. Water is a very valuable resource, too. Whether it is drought or not, water is constantly used by people that rely on it daily. What they don't realize is that they could harvest that precious resource on what can be called "a rainy day." That source of water used today should be a last resort. Alternative sources should be used because they answer many of the tough problems presented to people today.

Consider the following, drain water runoff is the worst form of pollutants that enter the ocean. The Mississippi watershed is a great example of an enormous drain that is polluted. There is something called a dead zone along the parameters of the watershed. That means that there are little or no signs of life in that area. A dive into the dark, murky, and dirty water will show that what once was a sea bed is now full of silt. That is a very sad fact. Things like that can be stopped by simply collecting the water from the drain and saving it for when it is needed. The Dutch have already developed a system in one of their communities in which they can filter their drain water for re-use.

For agriculture, a sky farm is the solution. Whether it is a metropolis or a tiny village, it can come in handy. A sky farm is simply a sky-scraper in which agriculture is performed to produce enough food for the inhabitants in the surrounding area. Many of these huge edifices must be built because of several dire reasons. Global warming is not the half of it. With the excess chemicals mankind has put in the air, an extreme environment has been created which is unreliable for farming. Consider the droughts, floods, heat waves, and the recent Florida cold spell. The future of the human race depends on a stable supply of necessary resources. Food is indespensible.

With the deterioration of the environment, an environment that once was must be re-created to ensure steady crop production. The world needs to be ready to adapt before it is too late. With the introduction of sky farms, well, it is just one part of a solution.

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