Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Education For All

The importance of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

     Human rights are taken for granted by many individuals. The right to equality before the law, to a fair trial, to religion, and thought are all human rights. Human rights, as it is currently known worldwide, became established in 1948. The United Nations can be given credit for the creation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This simple document has enabled people to have a chance to gain the opportunities that have never been offered to them. The end to slavery, genocide, or any other kind of oppression upon any person(s) - that is the purpose of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For more information:  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (from the United Nations website)

                    In 30 Words - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Amnesty International video)

Denied Education

     Sadly, human rights are not enjoyed by everyone. Below is a video that will explain what is happening right now to the Bahá'ís in Iran.

Education Under Fire Trailer (3 min) from Education Under Fire on Vimeo.

For more informaiton: Education Under Fire
     Justice is important. The Bahá'ís in Iran don't have it. Unfounded defamatory speech against the Bahá'ís in Iran is supported by the Iranian Government. Bahá'ís are barred basic rights of citizenship like higher education. The constitutional protections in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran guarantees to every Iranian citizen rights which the Bahá'ís don't have. Educational programs set up to teach Bahá'í students have been targeted in raids. Arrests and convictions have been made solely on the basis of religion, and about 97 Iranian Bahá'ís are currently in prison today. Over 400 arrests have been made since August 2004, and many Bahá'ís are under unwarranted government surveilance. Bahá'í businesses are being looted among other acts without any government investigations to bring justice, and some businesses are even confiscated. Also, business licenses and jobs are denied to Bahá'ís. All of these facts don't amount to the number of Bahá'ís that lost their lives solely on the basis of belief. More facts about the injustices are being uncovered thanks to the efforts of people who won't stay silent as fellow human beings are persecuted.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees Bahá'ís the human rights that others have taken away from them.
The Bahá'í Martyrs is a video that will show what has been happening to the Bahá'ís since the faith's inception. (Viewer discretion is advised.)

We cannot stay silent.