Thursday, May 20, 2010

Electric Cars Being Made On A Larger Scale

Finally, the Launch Date for the Chevy Volt has been announced.

It starts selling in California by November 2010, only months away from now.

Why is it so important?

The car seen above is revolutionary. The Nissan Leaf may be a great all-electric car with a range of 100 miles, but the Chevy Volt offers something else. The Chevy Volt performs more than the Nissan Leaf can with the ability to still use gasoline. With an initial electric range of 40 miles, the Chevy Volt can utilize power from fossil fuels and charge its battery when the battery runs out. That extends its life to cover a lot more than 100 miles.

In summary, the production of these kinds of cars is setting the stage for a new future which includes a need to upgrade the energy grid to support electric cars. Eventually, mass transit will become more developed in areas previously without it. Progress is very good. People are now  going to work for tomorrow.

Let us all hope that this is a start to a larger wave of more efficient transportation.

With an oil spill threatening the lives of many in the Gulf of Mexico, people can see that producing more oil is not the answer to their problems. If the world can harness alternative fuels, everyone will be happier... except for oil companies that don't want to start producing alternative fuels.

Below are links to the web sites that give more information on both cars:

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