Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update on Oil Spill

Recently, numerous proposals have been given to stop the oil spill, however the common disunion between our members of government continues to impede the progress of the oil spills clean up. However, when the lives of millions our at stake from the rise of prices of seafood to the death of innocent people from contaminated waters, we must stand united against such a foul foe.

Obama’s administration has attempted to fix the problem by hiring some experts on the environmental disaster. Among his workers are Ken Salazar, Steven Chu, Carol M. Browner, Ray Mabus, and Michael R. Bromwich. Although people have been brought to attempt to solve the problem, no solution or real effort has been aroused to solve this issue. Constantly the news reports of the disastrous oil spill and efforts being considered to end such a catastrophe, but the danger has not been stopped which will eventually pose a threat to all of life in the world.
BP has been one of the few to make an effort to resolve this issue, but keep in mind that because they had started the problem, it is their responsibility to solve it. Currently, BP has lost 86 billion dollars in attempts to solve the oil spill disaster, considering that the explosion of their rig had caused the undersea well to be blown. However, BP says that they will handle the remaining damage claims in 30 to 45 days, by this time the oil spill would be too deadly to prevent any irreversible damage. Some tar balls have been seen recently on Florida beaches, as an example of the nearing danger that approaches even the United States.
Now BP has made a statement saying that in the future they will take and receive people who make various claims within 30 to 60 days. Although this may seem dim, progress has been made because in the past this was not allowed. Also through this disaster we have proven that nations can stand for the greater good. Twenty-two other nations, including Britain, have offered us various machines to clean up the spill. However, these offers all come with price tags that would further the United State’s debt. Although humanity has made some progress in somewhat unifying to solve a world problem, mankind must realize that in order for us to continue to thrive, humanity must not be caught on material wealth, and should strive to assist each other without any conditions.

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